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If you have paper forms and that data on them needs to get into your system, turn them into Electronic Forms. E-Forms - what are they and what can they do? These are smart forms that you control that represent and relate to your organization, both internally and externally. Internally they can relate to Human Resources e.g. on-boarding or individual changes or expense reports. Externally they may be used for order processing and service provided capture. E-Forms have built in intelligence. Data such as dates, part numbers, vendor information and required data can be validated before the form is submitted for processing.

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Data & Document Capture

Getting data from paper or electronic documents into your systems shouldn't be 1) like herding cats or 2) be a manual process. You can control your own forms but you can't control your client's forms. Client invoices, orders and receivables are common examples. These forms, whether they are paper or electronic can be processed electronically. During electronic processing, data can be electronically validated adding efficiencies, speed up business processes and help reduce manual errors. Processed data can be passed to your production systems and copies of the documents can be passed to your Content Management System for electronic retention

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Electronic Content Management

Once you've captured your documents organize them electronically with a Content Management System. Stop manual filing. Organize and secure your documents either on premise or in the cloud. Get rid of the filing cabinets and manage your data storage. Move your documents through your organization based on your established business processes. Integrate your content with your line-of-business systems. Get the right document to the right person at the right time.

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