The curse - getting the data from your paper forms. Get your forms out to your employees, potential hires and clients electronically. Validate the data on the form electronically before it's processed to insure that it meets your requirements. Move the form through your organization based on your established business processes and end the who, what, where questions. The cure - E-forms.

Integration really can be flexible and cost-effective

Software integration often is described as expensive, difficult and time-consuming. E-forms has turned that perception upside down, connecting e-forms and the data they collect to your legacy applications with ease. Through industry-standard web services and a streamlined approach, technical integration can happen quickly.

Automatically Validate the data in your E-form before it moves into your legacy systems

The data on E-form can be validated before in goes into your systems.  Date formatting is checked.  Data validity can be verified electronically.  Required fields on the form are enforced. Get it right the first time. The form can be moved through your organization with a built-in workflow process.  Staff that is responsible for authorizing or denying the document are recorded.  You can know where the E-form is in your organization and what its status is at any time during the workflow. When the document is completed it can be moved into a Content Management system for access and retention.

Regardless of your project Become more efficient

Our customers are working hard to make their forms more mobile.  E-forms offer true platform independence, integrating with virtually any system while enabling e-forms to be used by anyone inside or outside a traditional enterprise system. Every e-form works on any device — desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and so on running on any operating system, located in any part of the world. E-forms were designed to eliminate boundaries, because in this information age, customers can't afford limitations. Regardless of your organizations size ASC can help you design and implement E-forms and increase your efficiency.

If you’re interested or would just like to learn more about E-forms and what they can do for your organizaton please let us know.  Just click the Contact Us at the top of the screen and lets talk.

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