Document Management - it's all we do.

Whether the documents you’re working with are paper based or electronically created they need to be controlled.  Our clients have  a multitude of reasons for addressing Document Management but these reasons can be summed up into a single word, “efficiencies.” Some of these efficiencies are organization, time, space, compliance as well as simply being overwhelmed by a process.  Putting Document Management to work for you will save time and money.

We are listeners, questioners, and problem-solvers.

We conduct research, define strategy, design and implement solutions that utilize our partner’s proven products to meet your goals. 

All projects start with a good hard look.  A successful result depends on a clear shared understanding of the project.  We bring an external perspective that can reveal both opportunities and risks.

Solid thinking leads to success.  Frequent communications and honest critiques are essential to success.

Every client has different needs.  Every client benefits from our experience and we never stop learning.

Assertive Systems is focused on

  • Data and Document Capture – Get the information off the document and send the document for storage.
  • Content Management – Securely store documents for access, processing, compliance and retention.  We offer both on-site and cloud solutions.
  • E-forms – Electronic forms capture and verify data from remote locations through browser interfaces.

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We focus on your individual needs

Our clients range in size from small businesses to Fortune 100 organizations.  Here's what some of them have to say..


"We used to search for days and days to find a specific document, and sometimes we never found the one we were looking for. An imaging solution was needed because we had run out of file cabinets and places to store file cabinets, and we had run out of boxes and places to store boxes. ASC has helped us reduce the time it takes to find information – from 48 hours or more to seconds or less".

Control the Clutter

“We had a lot of requirements and this project had a fairly large scope that included not only new software, but also professional and integration services. ASC provided a complete turnkey. The ASC Team brings a tremendous amount of expertise and because of this we’ve been able to overcome every challenge and meet all of our goals. The ASC team is very professional, cooperative and responsive and has been a pleasure to work with”.

Control the Chaos

"I wasn’t aware that data from invoices could be captured, auto-indexed and imported into a payment processing system, while retaining a high degree of accuracy. Initially, I didn’t quite believe it. Then, I discovered that the index fields in the imaging system could be set up to match the fields used for paying invoices out of our AP system. At that moment, I realized we could do more than just eliminate paper retrieval. We could save money on labor costs by greatly reducing our reliance on manual data entry".

"Productivity improvement tips, amazing technology, great people. There are just so many benefits that came from working with ASC. Their commitment to quality and on-time delivery, and to our success, was evident from the first time we sat down to discuss our project. This has become a welcome on-going partnership".

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