We know how to work with you.

Your business is your business. You may share an industry but no two entities are exactly alike.  We listen, we probe and we solve problems.

Craft / Artisinal

You love what you do and you’re really good at it.  But then there’s those administrative issues and that paperwork that stacks up and never seems to get put away.  How about those shipping documents. How about tracking for compliance. How about inventory documents that track to an actual batch.  Have a need to work remotely. Limited IT support. We’ve heard these problems expressed from our clients and worked with them to provide effective solutions. If you have any of these issues pulling on your sleeve just click the Contact Us link at the top of the pages and let’s talk.

Accounts Payable

Getting your invoices into your financial system, regardless of your organizations size or industry is a tedious process.  We’ve assisted our clients with automating the capture the data from an invoice whether in comes from physical invoices or if it’s received as an email attachment, validating the data then moving it into your financial and Content Management systems. So if you have just one person or a whole department dealing with accounts payable we can help you find a Data and Document Capture system that will work for your organization and that will make sense to you financially.

Another problem inside of accounts payable is tracking invoices sent out for approval throughout the organization.  If your email inboxes are crammed with notifications from A/P or if you’ve meant that not-so-happy person looking for the “red folder” that was sent out last week we’ve assisted our clients with automating the approval process with Workflow products that work with your Content Management system. Know where every invoice is at any time through your organization.  Think of the problems you’ll be solving and the time you’ll be saving.


Distribution, Manufacturing and Construction fall into individual categories but have similar issues.  We’ve helped our clients address some of these: Is this the latest information on the order? What’s the change order history? How do I get this on-site now? Who processed the order? Is this the current revision? We’ve listened to our clients and helped them solve these issues each with unique solutions from our business partners and our integration skills.

Not for Profit

After listening to our Not for Profit clients one recurring issue stands out – research.  Research in their previous publications, research in speaker and member bios and research in Board and Committee minutes.  We’ve helped our clients manage their research quickly with easily maintained secure access. Having these online capabilities enables our clients to respond to their members requests quickly and with all the right information.

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